Work with me!

I am so excited and happy to work with brands and influencers to create quality, creative and exiciting online content.

IMy writing and content are about all things lifestyle & travel written from an engaged, modern and fun female angle.

I love collaboration so why not get involved! 

Click the link to find my media kit, or read on for all the good stuff.

Who the heck is Suzanne? 

  • I am an experienced writer and content creator with particular interest in travel, culture and lifestyle written from a female perspective.
  • I have a Bachelor’s degree in English and a Master’s degree in Journalism.
  • I held a Brand, Content & Social Media position for just under two years as part of an online marketing team within a prominent tech company in Ireland.
  • While working in this fast-paced environment, I also studied my little butt off to get a first class honours diploma in Digital Marketing and Online Strategy.
  • I have worked as a staff writer for an online female-orientated website and have written articles for various publications throughout my career including Shemazing and Irish Tatler.
  • I am efficient, dedicated, a real team player and thanks to my backround, I know how work with clients, brands and professionals (and I know what they want!).


What can I offer?

  • Sponsored articles: blogs, articles and content to be featured on my website.
  • Sponsored content: This includes both video and photography across my social media channels.
  • Advertising: I only advertise products, places and services I genuinely adore and feel like my audience will too. I would love to see if your product/ service would be a good fit for my brand.
  • On-site advertising: I have a bunch of advertising options across my site for brands that include links and banner ads.
  • Reviews: I am so happy to try out new places and things so let me know if you would like me to review your hotel, restaurant, tour, product or any exciting service you provide!
  • Press trips: I am happy to consider press trips.
  • Or anything else?! Tell me your ideas; sure I would only LOVE to collaborate.


Anything else?

Be sure to check out my media kit. If you have any ideas, questions or just want to chat, please get in touch via the contact form below!

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