Vietnam: Hoi An, Dalat

Having been dropped off in Hoi An by our motorbike friends, we had a lot more time than usual to spend in the town; a whole four days. I loved Hoi An. I felt there was a wonderful mixture of cultural and social activities to do. It was one of those places where if you wanted to you could tick off a lot of the things on the backpackers list. Some of these included a cookery classes, getting clothes tailored or snorkeling (we, however, did none of these things).

We spent one whole day on a gorgeous beach before spending the next day visiting the old town. The old town is a hub in the centre of the town filled with traditional old buildings. A lot of the shops have become quite touristy but it is still a beautiful and vibrant area to spend the day.

Hoi An is a destination where I could see a family visiting as well as being a backpackers paradise. I would also rank Hoi An as one of the best destinations for nightlife. There is one bar called Volcano where it is free in and free drinks between 9pm and 1am. No catch, no hidden fees – just free everything!

We then hopped on a nightbus to Dalat. (Sleeping buses sound like hell but are actually great fun and a great backpacking experience. After one of these trips a 12 hour bus journey will be a laughable feat). It was a running joke amongst my group that we hated Dalat and we kind of did. It was freezing cold, damp and not a great atmosphere around the place. It is famous for its canyoning and because we did not do that it perhaps explains why we did not love it all that much. However my friend and I did a day trip that turned out to be a lot of fun mainly because we got to ride an elephant. Dalatful!!


After Dalat we headed to Mui Ne and here was our last stop before heading into Cambodia. I took no pictures in Mui Ne because it really was the holiday within the holiday. We did zero sightseeing, just lay by the beach and pool all day for two days. This really was wonderful as we had been so busy up until then it was nice to get a break.

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