Angkor Wat, Cambodia

We did a day trip around the famous temples of Angkor Wat located just outside of Siem Riep in Cambodia. Lots of the Tuk Tuk drivers offer great deals on tours to the temples so if you can find a reliable one that is definately the way to see it. Leaving at about 4am we arrived in time to watch the sunrise over the temples. I had foolishly had one too many of the hostels special cocktails the night before and was still tipsy leaving the hostel. Watching the sunrise was one of the most sobering (literally) and peaceful moment of my life and something I feel I will remember for a long time.

Following this we were taken around to several wonderful temples but we only made a dent in the surface. You can spend up to three days travelling around all of these ancient buildings. The archetecture, the thought and the scale of these temples are truly phenomenol considering they are literally thousands of years old.

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