We went to visit our good friend Maeve in Edinburgh in November and here is a few nice pictures I captured while I was there. I didn’t expect to love this city as much as I did. Considering that I am a student of English Literature as well as History and this city has a fascinating and creepy history to it, it was right up my street.

Upon returning I wrote an essay for college on Gothic literature and looked particularly at the Scottish Gothic and how the literature of this nation has a troubled and fragmented relationship to its past, its history and identity. I have to say that following my trip to Scotland, the essay was just a natural extension of everything I had learned and seen on my trip . I had never realised to what extent Scotland had such a long, diverse and painful history just as Ireland has had. I really love that they have marketed the city of Edinburgh in such a way that there is a distinctly ghostly, supernatural and almost uncanny feel about it. And I love everything scary or creepy so I was in my element.

And there was a bar called ‘Frankenstein’s.’ Right. Up. My. Street.

Not that Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein has anything to do with Scotland (apart from Victor briefly visiting the Orkney Islands in the novel) but I guess it fits in with that spooky feel that is present in Edinburgh. If you are interested in the Scottish Gothic I would recommend reading James Hogg’s The Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner for a fascinating read rather than jumping straight to the obvious Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

That’s it for my tangent, let us return to nice pictures and nice clothes.

Bag: New Look

Gloves: Penneys (Primark)

Coat: Urban Outfitters

Denim Shirt: Tommy Hilfiger

Cream Jumper: Second Hand

Scarf: H&M

And above is my friend and I pretending to be zombies……in a graveyard. And if I may say so myself I think I am doing a great job while Eilis – well she just looks very pretty! Zombies are not meant to be pretty. 

There was also plenty of very well named shops in aPUNdance…..

So apparently if we spat in this heart on the side of a street we would get good luck. Worth a try?

Outfit: See Above

Boots: Office

We also visited St. Andrews which was beautiful. Small, quaint and by the sea with an awesome Aquarium. What more could you want?? Well how about an Aquarium that has Meer Cats? Check. (As appropriately renamed by one of my friends as an Aqua Zoo)


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