Bruges, Belgium

The Cathedral and Tower. Salvador Dali museum on the left
Bruges Provincial Courthouse

Bruges is a tiny Belgian town near to Antwerp famous for its cobbled streets and large Cathedral and Tower. Recently, it has become more well known due to the hilarious film entitled ‘In Bruges.’ With Belgium renowned for two things, Beer and Chocolate, what better place to experience these luxuries in the popular tourist town that is Bruges.

The beer gardens and bars in Bruges are numerous. What is fascinating about the Belgians is that they really take their beer seriously. There are over 450 varieties of beer in Belgium and by law all beers must be served in their appropriate glasses. Each glass has the beer logo on it and has been specifically designed and shaped to add to the beers flavour, design and brand.

Though I am not a beer fan myself, even I managed to find a beer that suited me. I aptly named it ‘berry beer’ as it is a fruit flavoured beer. Though it is in fact titled ‘Hoegaarden Rose‘ (very glam). However this beer seemed difficult to get in some places and my second choice was entitled ‘Kriek‘, a sickly sweet cherry flavoured beer that I would devour as if I was drinking a cocktail.

Even Bruges has its very own beer.

If you turn down the street to the left of the Cathedral, just before the bridge you will find a archway on the left. This is 2be Beer Wall and Garden. It is definitely worth a visit. Not only does it have its own beer shop but also has a ‘beer wall’ which claims to boast every one of the 450 varieties of beer in Belgium. It also has a beautiful beer garden overlooking the canal and serves nibbles with your beer.

On every second street corner you would find a sweet or chocolate shop and it is necessary to over supply yourself with chocolate before heading home to our less than mediocre mass produced chocolate brands.

Embracing the Beer Wall.
Boots: Equipet
Leggings & Bag: Primark
Top: New York
Leather Jacket: Harlequin
Fur Collar: Ebay
Camera: NIKON DS3100


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