Amsterdam: The Canal by Night

I would describe Amsterdam as quirky, liberal and beautiful. An amazing city to visit. I came away from my short visit there having decided that I would have to live there at some point in my life, even just for a summer. It is just such a mix mash of different cultures living side by side one another. There is, literally, something for everyone in this city.

Rachel (left) and I on the Canal. I’m Wearing:
Black Leather Jacket: Vintage, Harlequin
Jeans: Topshop
Denim Shirt: Second Hand
Black and White Jumper: Forever 21
Fur Collar: Ebay
Black Boots: Riding Boots, Equipet
Central Station

Beware of the bikes! They will mow you down in Amsterdam
Gorgeous, quirky Cafe by day, music venue by night (raised platform doubles as a stage)

We visited the Dappermarkt which specialised in cheap clothes and food. It was good for some cheap items and we found a nice vintage store, but I would not recommend if looking for one of a kind or quirky items.
My New Mantra

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