Bangkok, Thailand

Unfortunately our trip was not quite long enough to include an exploration of Thailand though we did manage to spend our last few days in Bangkok. And I have to say I am really glad we did. Bangkok was nothing like any of the places we stayed in in Vietnam & Cambodia. It is closer to how I would imagine the cities of Japan or China to be like: huge, concrete skyscrapers, endless noisy traffic, paths paved with bodies and stalls and craziness.

Apart from shopping, eating, drinking and dancing, the only touristy thing we did was the Grand Palace of Bangkok. On the day I was exhausted and the heat was almost unbearable and for these reasons I felt I did not get the most out of my trip there. However when I went back to look at the photos it dawned on me how beautiful and majestic the palace really is. The devotion of the Thai people to their monarch is evident throughout the city but this landmark really capitalises on the grandeur of the Royal Family.

As with the temples and to show respect, we needed to strictly have our shoulders and knees covered at all times. Hence my wearing a pashmina as a sarong. The Palace is made up of many different buildings created throughout different regimes and unifies to create quite a grand spectacle. The one downside we agreed upon when visiting the Grand Palace was that it does not provide much information about the Monarch and its history which is a shame because it would be the perfect accompaniment to the buildings that inhabit the grounds of the Palace.


We stayed on the Koh San Road which is an experience in itself. The Koh San Road is chaos. It’s really hard to describe. It is always bustling with people and music and shops. By day it is packed with street food vendors and market stalls. At night it is throbbing with loud music and the quiet bars during the day are suddenly overflowing with people and extending their tables and chairs out into the middle of the street. We spent a mad night out on this road which confined to our beds the entire next day. I took some photos though I do not think it captures the atmosphere of this place.

And that is it! The entirety of our trip. It is amazing to me how quickly it came and went. I am so glad I visited South East Asia and am already suffering from more wanderlust. The reality of the fact is that holidays are over and my Masters is starting tomorrow. However I am heading to London to see Kate Bush on Thursday so am as you can imagine unbelievably excited.

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